BHAVYA to revolutionse public healthcare system in Bihar

PATNA: The state is going through a revolutionary transition as far as healthcare services at government hospitals are concerned, said Prakash Kumar, Team Leader of Bihar State Health System Digitisation, while speaking at the 5 th Bihar Times Conclave held in Patna from Dec.1-3, 2023. He expressed confidence that the result will be visible within a month or two.

“Taking into cognisance that digital health ecosystems have become increasingly relevant for maximising institutional productivity and for increasing accessibility of public healthcare for beneficiaries, the Government of Bihar has launched an ambitious project called BHAVYA - Bihar Health Application Visionary Yojana for All,” he said.

The government envisions to transform the landscape of healthcare service provisioning (at community level) and management of hospitals (at facilities level) through this ambitious digitisation project. The BHAVYA: Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) is being implemented across all the healthcare facilities in the state through the BHAVYA portal.

The pilot project was launched in four districts – Gopalganj, Siwan, Muzaffarpur and Nalanda. Hospitals in all these districts successfully implemented all the facets of the BHAVYA, demonstrating its feasibility and effectiveness.

Elated by the success, the government launched it across Bihar on May 1, 2023. Today, every hospital in 38 districts, its OPD and medicine is online.

“In Gopalganj, Siwan, Muzaffarpur and Nalanda, doctors are even conducting OPD consultations online. Hospitals in 12 more districts will be added soon. By August 2024, all 13,000 government hospitals of Bihar will be connected to the BHAVYA portal,” said

Now patients receive alerts on the phone about medicine and appointments. Doctors are also able to monitor the medical history of the patients. In a month or two, this level of efficiency will become an everyday occurrence, marking a significant milestone in BHAVYA transformation journey for Bihar and its people.

A state-of-the-art control and command centre has been set up at Swasthya Bhavan, Patna, to monitor activities at each hospital, its roster, attendance of doctors and other

staff, how many patients visited the hospital and the medicines prescribed to them. In the next 6-7 months complete data will be available to us.

“Bihar is the first state in India to implement it. It is not centrally funded or developed. It is a completely indigenous project funded by the Bihar government. Now, all other states are looking towards Bihar and planning to adopt it,” he added.


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