Former Bihar MP surrenders in court over land grab case

Patna, Feb 13 (IANS) Former MP and brother-in-law of Lalu Prasad Yadav -- Subhash Yadav -- surrendered in MP-MLA court on Tuesday in land grab case.

Bhim Singh -- a resident of Neura on February 27, 2022 -- had registered the case against Yadav and seven others over land grab, cheating and extortion.

Initially, Patna Police had refused to take action against Subhash Yadav however after the complainant met the Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar during the Janata Darbar on April 18, 2022 a case was registered in Bihta police station on Chief Minister’s direction.

Bhim Singh had sold land to Subhash Yadav for Rs 96 lakh and paid him Rs 60.5. However, he refused to pay the rest of the amount and also pressured Bhim Singh to give back Rs 60.5 lakh. Yadav also resorted to threats and harassed Singh’s family and beat them in the process.

During the hearing of the case, the court ordered the police to attach the house of Subhash Yadav and placed notice on Yadav’s house in Kautilya Nagar on January 30 this year.

On Tuesday, Patna Police headed by ASP West Diksha reached the house of Subhash Yadav with earth mover machine to demolish his residence.

When Subhash Yadav learnt about the police action, he soon appeared in the MP MLA court of Patna and surrendered himself.

“A case against Subhash Yadav for cheating and extortion has been registered in Bihta police station. He was on the run for a long time. We served notice to him on January 30 and initiated the process of property attachment under the supervision of duty magistrate on Tuesday but the alleged person surrendered in the court,” Diksha said.


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