Nitish’s departure has not affected INDIA bloc: Congress

Patna, Feb 14 (IANS) Bihar Congress Chief Akhilesh Prasad Singh on Wednesday said that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s leaving the INDIA bloc has not affected the alliance in any manner.

“INDIA bloc remains unaffected after Nitish Kumar left. He becomes a liability for everyone whomsoever he joins. INDIA bloc is strong and will not be affected by Nitish Kumar,” Akhilesh Singh said while filing his nomination papers for Rajya Sabha.

He said that there were rumours that Congress may split after Nitish Kumar left the INDIA bloc but those who were creating rift and breaking the political parties have now got the same treatment.

Besides Akhilesh Singh, JD-U leader Sanjay Jha, two leaders of BJP Bhim Singh and Dharmshila Gupta also filed the nominations for Rajya Sabha.


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